Registration Form

Please contact us if you would like to register for 2018 (there are no deadlines for our program)

This application is for Campton and Thornton New Hampshire families whose children are in need of food assistance for the summer.  We understand that there are times when families need a little bit of help thus we are not requiring proof of financial need to participate in our program. This community-wide effort is for all school-aged children living in Thornton or Campton.

A Healthy Summer Lunch Program

Parents of Campton and Thornton school-age children:  We are very excited to announce another year of GOT LUNCH! Campton-Thornton, a summer healthy lunch program for local school children.  Campton has been offering GOT LUNCH! since 2013, and Thornton joined in in 2014.

Although our target is the population that qualifies for free or reduced-cost lunches during the school year, it is NOT a requirement for participation.  If you need the help this summer, this program is designed for you.

Each year we require a new registration form for you to participate.

A week’s worth of healthy lunch groceries will be delivered to your home, mid to late morning every Monday for the full 10 weeks that school is not in normal session.  We also provide dairy vouchers for fat free milk or cheese redeemable at the Campton Cupboard and Campton Corners for fat free milk.  On Friday, April 20, 2018, registration forms will be sent home to all students attending Campton Elementary School and Thornton Central School.  For 2018, deliveries will be made the week of June 25th through August 20th.

Registration can be completed several ways:

- Return the form to the school nurse (CES or TCS) or,

- Complete an on-line registration, or

- Print & mail the form to:

Got Lunch! Campton-Thornton

c/o Campton Area Resource Center

P.O. Box 1522

Campton, NH 03223

Questions?  Contact us at or Laura Corbitt at (603) 960-1787 / Barbara Coonan at (603) 536-4809

Interested in Volunteering?

Contact us at or

Laura Corbitt at (603) 960-1787 / Barbara Coonan at (603) 536-4809